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Apparently Bitter About American Idol Jumping Ship, Fox Is Developing a Rival Musical-Competition Show for Mid-Season

It’s on. Photo: Fox

Fox is staking its claim in the ever-intensifying game of TV-musical-competition chairs. Variety is reporting that the network has put a new series from Israeli producer Armoza Formats into development, one that will feature a similar aesthetic and structure to reality programs currently on the air. But it comes with one twist: The show begins with four “finalists,” and traces their efforts to fend off new competitors and last until the end.

Armoza had shopped the premise internationally, and Fox quickly showed interest — particularly after it was made official that American Idol, a 15-year Fox flagship canceled two years earlier, would jump ship for a reboot at ABC. Clearly, the news stung executives at Idol’s original home: According to Variety, Fox’s development of Armoza’s untitled series was “accelerated” in May, when ABC had officially closed the Idol deal. Nothing is official yet, but word is that the network is eyeing a mid-season launch if all goes right, meaning the process will need to continue to move quickly. In other words, we’re not far from yet another hunt for high-profile judges. The talent pool might be a little shallow, though: NBC has already snagged beloved Idol alums Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson for The Voice, of course, and ABC has bet big on Katy Perry. Maybe Fox can bring Paula and Randy back together?

Fox Lost American Idol, Now Wants a Show to Replace It