Game of Thrones’ Final Season Reportedly Might Include Feature-Length Episodes

Photo: HBO

Between all those spinoffs and an eighth season that potentially won’t debut until 2019, there’s a lot of reassuring news to soothe yourself with when you accidentally imagine your TV life without Game of Thrones. According to reports gathered at Nashville’s Con of Thrones, you have even more good news to quietly recite to yourself like a mantra: GoT’s final season might be comprised of super-sized, film-length episodes. While at the convention, Game of Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield reportedly revealed that season eight’s episodes “could be in the 80-plus-minute range of a feature film.” (She should know; that is a lot of sound to design.) Fairfield pointed to season seven’s extra-long finale, coming in at 82 minutes, as the series’ possible future template. With all these movie-length episodes, it’s almost like HBO is becoming some kind of … home box office, or something.

Game of Thrones Final-Season Episodes May Be Feature-Length