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Iain Glen on Jorah’s Arm: ‘No Doubt About It, I’m in Trouble’

“It’s very advanced.” Photo: HBO

The last time Game of Throne viewers saw Jorah Mormont, he revealed his greyscale to Daenerys and told her he would kill himself before he turns into a stone man. She surprised him by urging him to find a cure for the disease so that he can be by her side when she takes back the Seven Kingdoms. In Sunday’s season premiere, all fans got to see of Jorah was a peek at his stone-like arm, when he reached out from an isolation wing at the Citadel to get Sam’s attention — and things did not look good for the dragon mother’s most loyal adviser. “It’s very advanced,” actor Iain Glen told Vulture at the Los Angeles premiere Wednesday night. “I’m in trouble. No doubt about it, I’m in trouble.”

Sporting a kilt at the premiere after-party in downtown Los Angeles, the Scottish actor explained that Jorah’s journey this season is all about his disease, and whether he can recover. “I got to a point where I think I was quite happy to die, I suppose,” Glen said. “I’d sort of given up hope because I’d lost her affection and lost her belief in me. And the last moment of our time together last season she said, ‘I need you, I need you to look after yourself, find a cure, so you can come back and be beside me when I occupy the Iron Throne.’ That’s my route, really, this season — to see if I can find a cure.”

Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen on the State of Jorah’s Greyscale