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Game of Thrones’ John Bradley Assures Everyone That Jon Snow Is Even Handsomer in Person

In Game of Thrones, Samwell Tarly is a noted fan of his fellow Night’s Watchman Jon Snow, but in real life, actor John Bradley wouldn’t mind if his co-star Kit Harington was a little less great in every way. “Seeing [Harington] on-screen is nice enough,” Bradley told Conan O’Brien at Comic-Con, “but it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to call the ‘live experience.’” Bradley assured the audience that watching Harington on TV was comparable to seeing a great work of art as a small, pixelated copy on someone’s phone, versus in real life at a museum. In classic Samwell fashion, Bradley added that he’s fine with Harington being handsome, smart, and talented — as long as the other actor doesn’t steal his Instagram pose.

GOT’s John Bradley Says Jon Snow Is Handsomer in Person