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Unexpected Gossipmonger Will Ferrell Has Some Tea on Mariah Carey

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Mariah Carey, one of the most fabulous divas of the modern age, would have a cornucopia of demands if a film was able to book her for a cameo. Will Ferrell, though, doesn’t seem to be one of those people. As we now know from other actors in The House, Carey was supposed to appear in the comedy in a brief, bizarre scene where she sings one of her famous tunes and gets shot. It never happened because Carey ended up not liking the narrative direction, and Ferrell is spilling the tea as to why. Did she show up four hours late? “True.” What script notes did she give when she arrived? “One script note was like, I don’t want to do the scene. Even though it was totally approved ahead of time.” Did she want to perform another song? “It became quite a kerfuffle. A.k.a. a shitstorm.” When did the overlords finally realize her cameo was never going to happen? “At 11 p.m. there was a knock on my trailer door and they said, You can go home. I got in my car and left everyone on set.” Me-ow.

Gossipmonger Will Ferrell Spills Some Tea on Mariah Carey