Haim Made a Short Film With Paul Thomas Anderson, and They Want You to See It on 35-mm Film

Danielle Haim at the Glastonbury Festival 2017. Photo: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Haim has been hanging around with Paul Thomas Anderson quite a bit lately, and it appears that they may have picked up a bit on the acclaimed director’s undying love for shooting on 35-mm film. On Friday evening, the band announced that they’d collaborated with Anderson to create a special new short film, Valentine, supposedly containing two new “videos.” But they want to make sure you, the fans, have a chance to see the film “as it was originally intended” — on a big screen that projects a roll of 35-mm, and not, you know, on your personal laptop. Haim has organized an entire album launch around this point, in fact, sending out invites to a special July 5 event in Brooklyn that includes a screening of the film, a preview of their upcoming album Something to Tell You (July 7 release), and “some surprises.” Will PTA himself show up? If so, how long before he and Haim start lamenting the artistic compromises of shooting on digital? Maybe he’ll bring frequent collaborator Daniel Day-Lewis along, who suddenly has some free time on his hands.

You can RSVP and enter to win a ticket to Haim’s Valentine screening event here.

Haim Are Holding a Special Screening of Their New Short Film