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Can We Take a Minute to Talk About Insecure’s Season Two Glow-Up?

Photo: HBO

When Insecure’s sophomore season opens, Issa’s relationship status isn’t the only major change. Yes, Issa is officially on the outs with ex-bae Lawrence — which means she’s single, swiping right, and going on bad dates with local dudes — but something else is very different, too: Everyone got deeply, importantly, and impossibly hot during the break between seasons. It’s that HBO money, boo. Insecure has the season two glow-up. To celebrate, let’s go through the lead characters, one by one, and figure out just how they did it.


Photo: HBO

To attend a casual kickback at her own apartment, Issa throws on this little number, a sleek body-con dress with sexy cutouts. Sure, it realistically costs as much as her rent, but who cares! This dress is Claire Underwood-level (in my House of Cards fanfiction, at least, in which Claire runs away with Remy Danton). Plus, it’s used as a tool in a classic Issa conceit: She schemes to get Lawrence to arrive at her apartment at the same time she’s throwing a party. It all goes awry, but this dress needs to make another appearance.


To be clear, Lawrence already had a glow-up in season one. (Remember when he was just the nice dude sitting around in sweatpants, pre-Best Buy?) Reader, I am happy to report to you that he is still fine in season two.

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In season two, Lawrence is on some serious 30-flirty-and-thriving. He’s wearing an Iyanla Vanzant glow. When we catch up with him in the season premiere, he’s out and about, looking for apartments, drinking with his work friends, and hooking up with Tasha the bank teller on weekends. He looks like he stepped out of the barber’s chair and right into his scenes.


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Broken pussy no more: Molly is a glamazon, the kind of woman who’d smile if you asked about her skin-care regimen, then sweetly fib that she’s just drinking a lot more water. Is Molly a Glossier model? Girl. To borrow her favorite truth-telling phrase: Malibu, everyone on this show is hotter than July. Tell us your secrets.

Can We Talk About Insecure’s Season Two Glow-Up?