Jackie Jennings (@ohhijackie) on Politics, Toilets, Death, and Time

Jackie Jennings is a host for the SyFy channel and regular at the UCB theater (GOAT, A Big Dumb Thing). This week we talked about three of her favorite tweets she’s made, plus Australian toilets, Brody Jenner, and the NY Mets.

Jennings: I like this one because it feels like a cynical reply to how I earnestly talk about my life.

How does your voice on Twitter compare to your voice in other writing and in real life?

I think it’s pretty in line with the rest of my writing, my voices are in harmony. Maybe sometimes on Twitter I’m a little dumber than I actually am in real life. But then again I care FAR more about the Kardashian/Jenner/West families in real life than my Twitter presence lets on. I don’t really care about Brody though. Not Brody.

I loved this and no one else did and that made me love it even more. I feel like it is a DEFINING trait of Australia (and the whole Southern hemisphere) that water drains down sinks and toilets the “other” way. And something about time slipping down the toilet in the opposite direction is so sad and funny to me. But it might just be sad and inscrutable and not funny!

What are your favorite subjects to tweet about? Least favorite?

Hmmm…all of my earnest tweets are about either the NY Mets or sci-fi/fantasy movies and books. All of my joke tweets are about politics, toilets, death and time. I generally don’t tweet about pop culture and I’m not sure why that is because I love pop culture, maybe even more than Andy Warhol did. Although, did he LOVE soup cans or just love DRAWING soup cans? No one knows.

What’s the most surprised you’ve been by a reaction to one of your tweets?

I was very surprised when that Trump/wall tweet was popular. I think it’s funny but honestly thought it was too weird for anyone to like. I was also very surprised when, of course there were plenty of trolls replying to let me know how fat I am (SPOILER: Very fat and also stupid and not funny). But ALSO there were lots of people replying to say “I’m a Republican and I think this is funny.” So I dunno, I think I fixed everything.

I like this Tweet cause it went viral and that’s really important. Also, it’s a cliche, but I absolutely composed it while on the toilet.

Do you approach tweeting about politics any differently from other kinds of tweeting?

I think so – I hope so! I try not to tweet anything insensitive or shitty and that’s hard with politics because it’s all shitty. But tweeting in anger just makes me feel eeeven angrier and more impotent. It’s like making fun of the mean high school lacrosse captain who doesn’t hear you, wouldn’t care, then takes your healthcare anyway. So all my political tweets end up being a little more absurd. But I LOVE a good, rude Trump tweet.

Where and/or what time of day would you say you write tweets the most often? Can you usually remember when/where you tweeted something?

It’s usually where/when there’s a little quiet – in bed at night, on the train in the morning or in the bathroom the rest of the day. That’s where everyone is tweeting from, it’s the only place left where you can be truly alone with your thoughts. But I generally don’t remember where I tweeted something unless it’s directly related to a thing I saw and then wrote about.

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Jackie Jennings (@ohhijackie) on Politics, Toilets, […]