but do you get it?

Do You Get the Joke Jerry Seinfeld Promises Norm Macdonald He Won’t Get?

Did you get the joke Jerry Seinfeld told during a guest appearance on this week’s episode of Norm Macdonald Live!, a joke Seinfeld promises Norm Macdonald he will not understand and, as predicted, Norm Macdonald finds absolutely inscrutable? Of course, as the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee star explains, not getting the joke is part of the joke. The joke is also, based on Seinfeld’s praise, “the greatest Jew joke” of all time. Macdonald’s co-host Adam Eget sort of gets the joke, but in the end, does not fully get the joke. Us? Did we get it? Oh, we got it. We definitely got it. We just wanted to know if you got it. Okay. Great. So, tell us what you think the joke is to make sure you got it. OOOOOOOOOOOH. We mean, uh, yeah, that’s what we thought the joke was, too. Great, so we all got it. Good work, everybody except Norm Macdonald.

Jerry Seinfeld Tells Norm Macdonald a Joke He Won’t Get