Practice Your Fist Pumping: The Jersey Shore Cast Will Reunite for an E! Docuseries

Alert the guidos! Photo: MTV/Viacom

Cabs are heeeere, bro! The rumors of a certain tanned, muscle-head crew getting back together are true: Sources tell Vulture the cast of Jersey Shore will indeed reunite in the pilot episode of a new docuseries called Reunion Road Trip on E! that will reunite different TV show casts in each episode. Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D, the Situation, Sammi Sweethart, Vinny, Ronnie, and Deena have seen the Chris Christie beachgate photos and are here to take back the shore. And while they’re not quite shacking up again in another Seaside frat house, they’re going to take a trip down memory lane and revisit their old stomping grounds. The episode will be the official reunion, though the whole gang (minus Ronnie) are already all caught up on who’s married, who’s got kids, and who’s still doing the exact same thing they were when the show ended five years ago (DJ Pauly D ftw) thanks to Burger King. Alert the middle-aged guidos!

Jersey Shore Cast Will Reunite for E! Docuseries