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John Oliver Breaks Down How Alex Jones Markets Himself As an Alt-Right Witch Doctor

When Alex Jones isn’t selling his Bill Clinton rape whistle (“Let Bill know that you’re in the crowd and that you know the truth”) or a “9/11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker, he’s pushing pills. A bulk of his time on Infowars is spent plugging his own products under his Infowars Life Brand. These products are called nutraceuticals — “Which I believe are the results of the word nutrition fucking the word pharmaceutical from behind,” Oliver suggests — and seem to have no health benefits whatsoever. Jones uses Dr. Edward Group III, a chiropractor without an undergraduate degree (who claims he’s an MIT alum), to push these pills. To match the absurdity, Oliver introduces his own “Dr. Ted” — Jack McBrayer in a wig — to hawk his phony Last Week Tonight nutraceutical, which can be purchased on

John Oliver Explains Infowars’s Alex Jones’s Success