John Oliver Is Now Selling $1,000,000 Taint Wipes Inspired by Alex Jones

Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver sets his sights on Alex Jones by taking a closer look at the products for sale on the Infowars online store, the bogus doctor Jones refers to as his “medical expert,” and Jones’s inaccurate claims that he depends on sales from the store to keep his show running. “Listen, I am not saying the only reason Jones is talking about the globalists systematically feminizing us is to sell overpriced nutraceuticals so he can buy luxury watches, but if I were saying that, it certainly wouldn’t be the stupidest conspiracy theory that you’ve heard so far tonight,” Oliver says. “So if Alex Jones wants his words in context, this is it. The fact that he happens to sell so many solutions should really recontextualize how you think about what he is claiming are problems.”

With some help from his own “medical expert” played by Jack McBrayer, Oliver ends the segment by revealing that he’s now selling a competing version of Alex Jones’s taint wipes, but you’ll need one million dollars in the bank to buy them. “So if you want to spend a million dollars on a taint wipe, go to And if you are thinking no one’s going to do that, all I will say is people pay Alex Jones $45 for a jar of chocolate flavored chicken juice, so anything is fucking possible.”

John Oliver Is Now Selling $1,000,000 Taint Wipes […]