John Oliver Tries His Best Not to Talk About Getting Sued by a Coal Company CEO on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with fellow late night host John Oliver about getting sued by coal company CEO Bob Murray for a Last Week Tonight segment he did on him – a lawsuit he’s been advised not to comment on, though Colbert does his best to get at least a little reaction out of him. “This is hell! I’m in hell right now. All I have is a sequence of thoughts in my head going ‘Oh, this would be funny to say! This would be interesting!’ and then another thing going ‘You’re dead if it happens,’” Oliver says. Colbert brings up the fact that he was the first person ever sued at The Daily Show, which leads to one definitive comment from Oliver on the ongoing lawsuit: “Did you settle?” “We won.” “I’m gonna do that as well…oh God that was too much.”

Check out another clip below, where Colbert and Oliver talk about how Oliver’s term “Stupid Watergate” has turned into a reality, the Donald Trump Jr. email scandal, and the time Oliver went to Russia to interview Edward Snowden back in 2015:

John Oliver Tries His Best Not to Talk About Getting […]