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Jon Stewart Wants to Know Why the Kid Who Had a Jimmy Kimmel–Themed Bar Mitzvah Passed Him Over

Will Rubin, an enterprising and probably-one-day famous kid from Pennsylvania, chose to become a man with a Jimmy Kimmel–themed bar mitzvah, which flattered Kimmel enough to invite Rubin to call into his show. But as Kimmel and Rubin chatted about the bar mitzvah planning, Jon Stewart, who now routinely appears out of nowhere to grumble at things, wandered in to demand why Rubin didn’t idolize a Jewish talk show host. “Would you rather idolize a talk show host who is also circumcised?” Stewart asked. If those HBO projects don’t work out, Stewart could have a solid career as an event planner/life coach for bar mitzvah–aged Jewish boy-men everywhere. He’ll even tell you to sheket bevakasha if you get testy!

Jon Stewart Makes a Surprise Jimmy Kimmel Appearance