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A Month Into Investigation, Kathy Griffin Was Reportedly Interviewed by Secret Service for More Than an Hour

Kathy Griffin. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When Kathy Griffin first accused Donald Trump of “trying to ruin [her] life forever” for releasing that notoriously gory photograph, most viewed it as an additional gaffe on the comedian’s part; a poorly conceived attempt to redirect the conversation away from how she’d been near universally condemned for crossing the line. But while the intent of her rebuttal might still feel misguided, a month or so later, it appears that Griffin was onto something. Per political reporter Yashar Ali, Griffin was reportedly recently interviewed for more than an hour by the Secret Service in person, and the federal agency’s investigation into Griffin remains open.

For context, it’s been more than a month since Griffin’s lawyers confirmed that an investigation had been opened and that they intended to fully co-operate. Responding to a Think Progress article arguing that TMZ had become the media’s “most potent” pro-Trump outlet, the comedian hinted last week at rising tensions around the Secret Service’s inquiry. “Hey… TMZ and [TMZ founder] Harvey Levin,” she wrote: “May you NEVER [be] under fed investigation like I am now.”

Secret Service Questions Kathy Griffin for More Than an Hour