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Lana Del Rey Brought Along A$AP Rocky for So Much More Summertime Sadness

They’ve reunited. Photo: Getty Images

Lana Del Rey’s new album will arrive at the height of the summer doldrums, which is no accident. Summertime malaise is the theme of the album. The mood. It’s that summer fling about to run its course that you swore you weren’t invested in, but whoops. Joining Lana on her latest descent into seasonal depression is the JFK to her Jackie O and Marilyn, A$AP Rocky, who features on not one but two new tracks from Lana. The first is “Summer Bummer” (also featuring Playboi Carti), which is a Boi-1da–produced spiritual sequel to her classic “Summertime Sadness,” about keeping a lover secret while you spend your sweltering summer nights bumping rap.

“Groupie Love” somehow gets even sadder: In this scenario, Lana’s the one her lover doesn’t want anyone to know about because this person’s a rock star and rock stars can’t have girlfriends, duh. But true to every Lana delusion we’ve come to know, love, and definitely never want to emulate, she romanticizes the whole situation and gets off on the rush. See, sad!

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