You Should Probably Take a Look at Laura Dern Wearing a T-Shirt With Her Face on It

Somewhere in America, Laura Dern is wearing a shirt with Laura Dern’s own face on it. This is the best thing today has to offer. Mere days after discovering memes (“Wait. I’m a meme?” she asked the internet. “Uh, what’s a meme?”), Dern is posing in a giant T-shirt screen-printed with a photo of her as Amy Jellicoe from Enlightened. Laura Dern in a Laura Dern shirt comes at the peak of 2017’s Dernaissance: Between Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks, Wilson, an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt cameo, and the news of Star WarsSpace Dern (!!), Laura Dern is winning 2017. This shirt proves she knows it.

Some lingering questions: Where did Laura Dern get this T-shirt? Who made it for her? How was it wrapped? Is there Dern wrapping paper that has not been invented yet? (Certainly there ought to be — Etsy, get on this.) Most important: Where can I buy exactly a dozen of these shirts, for myself and the cast of Big Little Lies? There’s no evidence that Laura Dern and her non–Reese Witherspoon friend are listening to Migos’s “T-Shirt” as this photo is taken. But there’s also no evidence that they’re not listening to “T-Shirt,” which is enough for me. Viva la Laura!

Laura Dern Is Wearing a Great T-Shirt With Her Face on It