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How Many of Mahershala Ali’s Abs Can You Count in This Jay-Z Video?

For weeks we’ve been wondering what secret collab Jay-Z, Danny Glover, and Oscar-winner (and inventor of yellow) Mahershala Ali had planned after the rapper teased a video featuring the actors during the run-up to the release of 4:44. Glover and Ali appear in the music video for “Adnis,” Hov’s tender message to his father. “Who would’ve thought I’d be the dad I never had / Be the husband I’ve become, usually nothing come from that,” Jay raps. “I forgive you as I live through the beautiful present of the past / I’m just thankful that I get all these gifts to unwrap.” The black-and-white video finds Mahershala (and his, ahem, innumerable abs) boxing alone, ostensibly with our collective daddy issues. Glover looks on, solemnly. Listen, you all know me, know how I earn a livin’: Mahershala Ali.

Watch Mahershala Ali Box in Jay-Z’s New Music Video