Marc Maron Doesn’t Have Time to Watch the Hit New Streaming Show ‘Turd Journey’

Here’s a great clip from Marc Maron’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where he admits that, despite currently starring in a streaming network show, he just doesn’t have the time or interest to keep up with the overload of shows right now as well as the overload of channels and streaming services. “Have you ever had that experience where someone just walks up to you like ‘Hey dude, are you watching Turd Journey?’ And you’re like ‘What? Did you just say Turd Journey?’ He’s like ‘Yeah man! There’s 40 episodes of Turd Journey up!’ I’m like ’Turd Journey?’ ‘Yeah, you gotta watch Turd Journey!’ I’m like ‘Where’s it on?’ ‘Ooh, you gotta download Klomper. Do you have Klomper?’ And I’m like ‘What the hell is Klomper?’ They’re like ‘Oh, it’s an app for your phone, your computer, you become part of the Klomper community, you can watch all 40 Turd Journeys! Have you heard of Savage Dicks? There’s a Savage Dicks/Turd Journey crossover on Klomper!’”

Watch some more clips from the interview below:

Marc Maron Doesn’t Have Time to Watch the Hit New […]