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Jon Hamm Is Lois Smith’s Sexy Love Hologram in Marjorie Prime Trailer

Writer-director Michael Almereyda’s Marjorie Prime, adapted from the play of the same name, stars Jon Hamm as Walter, a hologram of Marjorie’s (Lois Smith) now-deceased husband. Both sweet and exceedingly creepy, the trailer for the film shows how Marjorie connects with this memory of her husband (and its hologram form) as she begins to lose mental stability in her advanced years. At Sundance, where the movie premiered, Vulture learned Hamm went pseudo-method for the role, which required him to be ignored by everyone on set (he plays a visual illusion, after all). Rounding out the small, familial cast are Tim Robbins and Geena Davis, who are definitely not fans of the Jon Hamm hologram (hologramm?). Marjorie Prime hits a limited number of screens in New York and L.A. on August 18.

Jon Hamm Is a Sexy Hologram in the Marjorie Prime Trailer