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MTV Is Rebooting Total Request Live, So Technically You Could Still Get Korn’s ‘Got The Life’ to Number One

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images

America is once again voting for Kid Rock (though this time it might be for elected official), so it only makes sense to bring back the show that helped make him a household bang da bang diggy. The New York Times reported on Sunday that MTV president Chris McCarthy has announced the return of the network’s famous call-in show Total Request Live. The TRL reboot will arrive in October, complete with a studio overlooking Times Square. Unfortunately for its former host Carson Daly, the reboot will instead feature “five co-hosts who are relatively unknown, including DC Young Fly, a rapper and comedian, and Erik Zachary, a Chicago radio host.” TRL went off the air in 2008, closing out its ten-year run with a final blowout Total Finale Live concert on November 16 of that year. TRL joins other beloved MTV shows currently being rebooted, like Fear Factor and My Super Sweet Sixteen. For those music fans nostalgic for a time when the entire nation was in thrall of Tom Green, Ruben Studdard, and Lindsay Lohan, congrats. Your time has come once more.

MTV Is Bringing Back Total Request Live This Fall