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Watch 30 Seconds of the Will & Grace Cast Having an Infectiously Good Time in This New Revival Teaser

Our newest, Fourth of July–timed promo for the upcoming Will & Grace revival is nothing more than the show’s cast conveying sheer jubilance. But make no mistake, it’s a very good sell — a solid half-minute of Karen, Jack, Will, and Grace laughing their way around a photoshoot set without a care in the world. The joy on display provides a shrewd reminder for anyone thinking of tuning into the revival that, yes, this quartet knows how to have a good time together, and you probably don’t want to miss out on whatever they’ll be getting up to come fall. Who needs plot teases when you have Karen passionately making out with Jack? Who needs character updates when you have Eric McCormack straddling a chair? Bask in these 30 seconds of infectious Will & Grace smiles, and then maybe play it on a loop until the revival premieres on September 28.

This New Will & Grace Teaser Is an Infectiously Good Time