Nine Inch Nails Debut Unreleased David Bowie Cover They Made to Get ‘Closure’ After His Death

Last night, Nine Inch Nails played their first concert in three years, ahead of their new EP dropping this week. According to fans, it was a mix of old and newer songs, but the highlight was the revelation that shortly after David Bowie’s death, the band made a cover of one of his Blackstar songs, “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” but never released it. Trent Reznor, who was friends with Bowie and credited his idol with helping him get sober while Nine Inch Nails toured with him in the late ’90s, told the crowd that the band made their version as a way to “process” the news and get “some sort of closure.” The band then debuted their somber, piano-driven cover of Bowie’s song, which appears to mix Reznor’s vocals with Bowie’s at parts, for the first time. Grab several tissues. Here’s the original for comparison:

Nine Inch Nails Debut Unreleased David Bowie Cover Live