ahs: oh no it's bees

Ryan Murphy Posts Final Hint Before Title Reveal for Season 7 AHS: Murdered by Bees?

Murphy. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Earlier today, Ryan Murphy took to his Instagram and gave his final visual hint for the yet-to-be-announced title of American Horror Story season 7. While it almost certainly won’t end up being AHS: Bees All in Your Nose and Ears While You’re Just Standing There Like an Idiot, scroll down and tell us that isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you see that person literally coated in bees. Previous AHS clues have ranged from the political (compelling shots of American flags) to the horrifying (Twisty the Clown, anyone?) to the horrifyingly political (a very bad elephant-faced man), but AHS: The Bees Aren’t Wrong to Turn On Us, But Still, Come on, Guys is now the clear front-runner. Murphy has alluded to a recent American political narrative as a theme for the season, so perhaps the bees are a nod to climate change or our cultural hive mind. Or maybe, just maybe, Ryan Murphy will do us a solid and come through with a big, buzzy AHS: The Bees Have Taken Over Our Politicians and Honestly We Could Do Worse and Probably Will. Only time, and all those bees controlling our politicians, will tell.

Ryan Murphy Posts Final Hint Before New AHS Title Reveal