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Samantha Bee Details Trump’s ‘Spreading Taint’ (Don’t Google It)

They say if you lie with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas, and it’s become clear that that principle very much applies to hanging around President Trump — although instead of fleas it’s taint apparently, according to Samantha Bee. Coining the apt phrase “Trump’s Spreading Taint,” Bee describes how all those who become associated with the president manage to find themselves worse for wear sooner or later, as our “antebellum house elf” Attorney General Jeff Sessions is certainly learning this week. Bee even shows how former press secretary Sean Spicer found himself tainted by Trump’s ethical bankruptcy at an alarmingly fast rate, as Spicer said only seven days prior to the inauguration that he would never lie as integrity should be held above all else — ha!

Sam Bee Details Trump’s ‘Spreading Taint’ (Don’t Google It)