Samantha Bee Chats with Stephen Colbert About Dual Citizenship, Her Kids, and Her Recent Trip to Iraq

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with fellow Daily Show alum Samantha Bee about having dual citizenship, why her kids don’t watch her show, and why they’re more interested in being able to swear in the house than other kinds of treats or rewards. “They don’t really care for cakes and normal things that normal children like, but they do love to swear. So if I want to get them to do something, I’m very cagey about it. I’ll be like ‘Okay guys, I really need you to clean your rooms. You can do one swear. If you clean your room diligently, we can all sit together and you can do one very high-quality swear.’”

Watch another clip from the interview below, where Bee tells Colbert about her recent trip to Iraq to film some upcoming segments for Full Frontal, where she managed to create a perfect homage to the infamous photo of Jared Kushner in Iraq wearing a military vest:

Samantha Bee Chats with Stephen Colbert About Dual […]