How Many Objects Will Selena Gomez Put in Her Mouth That Don’t Belong There in the ‘Fetish’ Music Video?

If you’re loving Selena Gomez’s new soft-focus aesthetic (the correct answer is: yes, you are), her new video for “Fetish” should deepen your Selenator allegiance. Selena is pushing some boundaries in her post-Revival incarnation. As Vulture said about the song, “What Selena Gomez has always gotten right about performative sensuality is that it can never be too on the nose,” and that awareness is exposed here as she writhes and wanders through a suburban home and, yes, its massive walk-in deep freezer. The “audio only” version of the video was basically perfect, but the fully formed clip gives viewers a lot more to chew on — literally. As Gomez rips her stockings, goes after her own tongue with an eyelash curler, and eats a bar of soap, she is as much daring viewers to gaze at her as she is inviting them to, singing “reaching your limit, say you’re reaching your limit. Go on over your limit.” She’s intoxicating as ever, but each suggestive glance makes you question a little bit whether or not you should be watching at all.

Selena Gomez Puts Things in Her Mouth for Her ‘Fetish’ Video