Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at “Experienced Schmoozer” Anthony Scaramucci

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at Sean Spicer’s recent White House resignation, Jared Kushner’s closed-door session with the Senate Intelligence Committee for the Russia investigation, the GOP healthcare bill, the news that Trump is already looking into pardoning himself, and new White House communications director and “experienced schmoozer” Anthony Scaramucci. “Look at this guy. He’s a human pinky ring,” Meyer says. “He is the human embodiment of a double-parked BMW. He looks like the guy who leaves a doo-wop group over creative differences. He looks like the only magician you could get on short notice. I could go on and on.”

Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” at “Experienced […]