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Seth Meyers Wonders Who, Who, Could Possibly Replace Anthony Scaramucci at This Point?

From his swagger to his colorful, descriptive language, now–former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci seemed a perfect fit for the Trump administration. Unfortunately, he was let go on Monday, just ten days after being named to the position by POTUS. How, Seth Meyers wonders this evening, will the White House ever be able to find a more perfect character to fill his shoes? On a related note, we’re wondering which character actor or actress will be available to portray him or her? The hunt has only just begun (again), but if whoever they hire could also be played by Sex and the City actor Mario Cantone, that’d be perfect. We were really looking forward to his glorious comedic return on Comedy Central’s The President Show and he probably already bought all the suits.

Seth Meyers Wonders Who Could Replace Anthony Scaramucci