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Your GIF Guide to the Most WTF Moments in the Sharknado 5 Trailer

If the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is a little too refined, too intellectual, for your elasmobranch fish tastes, the Sharknado films are back, baby! Syfy will debut Sharknado 5: Global Swarming next week for your hate-watching pleasure, as those pesky sharks go international in order to torture civilians. Do you really want to watch a full 90 minutes of Tara Reid screaming at the sky as sharks descend upon Piccadilly Circus? Not really. But would you take 90 seconds to gaze upon the craziest GIFs that the trailer has to offer? Now we’re talking! Lucky for you, Vulture did just that.

These nice British newsgals get a rude awakening.

This tagline occurs.

This kid, vaguely reminiscent of that other kid from Stranger Things, gives a shark the head-butt of death.

Someone has the body strength to kick a shark off of a London bus.

Yee-haw, dignified British style!

The requisite decapitation moment.

Who said only Great Whites get to have fun?

And, of course, Al Roker.

Sharknado 5 Trailer: A GIF Guide to the Most WTF Moments