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You Can Finally Watch Shia LaBeouf Shout ‘You Cannot Be Serious!’ in All Its Rage-Filled Glory in the New Borg vs. McEnroe Teaser

Sure, there are many reasons to check out the new Borg vs. McEnroe teaser on this first day of Wimbledon: the promise of watching “history in the making,” the introduction to “a bitter rivalry,” the suitably tense atmosphere created by director Janus Metz Pedersen. But we know what really matters: getting our first significant look at Shia LaBeouf as the one and only John McEnroe, channeling his inner rager as he stomps around the tennis court and curses out the refs. Indeed, this is a trailer (first posted by Empire) generous enough to provide a glimpse of LaBeouf tackling McEnroe’s infamous “You cannot be serious!” outburst. If this seconds-long snippet of yelling is any indication, he might just prove to be the perfect fit for this.

Shia LaBeouf Unveils His Rage in the Borg vs. McEnroe Teaser