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Slayer Made a Rare Face-Melting Late-Night Appearance Last Night

For a band as long-running, massively popular, and melt-your-face good live as Slayer, it’s surprising that they’ve mostly stayed away from the late-night circuit. But then again, picture Johnny Carson thrashing along to “Raining Blood” in ’86 when the band was at its most Satanic and imagine the FCC complaints rolling in. Though Slayer previously played on Kimmel – despite confusingly touting their latest appearance as their late-night debut – Jimmy Fallon finally granted the band another overdue opportunity to terrorize middle America Thursday night.* (Perhaps their mutual poor judgement on Trump sealed the deal.) Slayer performed “Raining Blood” on the Tonight Show to send tremors throughout Rockefeller Center. Never has something looked so out of place but felt so right. If only Jeff Hanneman were here to experience the madness.

*Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly called this performance Slayer’s late-night debut, per the band.

Slayer Made a Killer Rare Late-Night Appearance Last Night