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Star Wars: Check Out This Behind-the-Scenes Video for The Last Jedi

Hey, remember The Last Jedi? Owing, perhaps, to its relatively drama-free production, Rian Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars sequel to The Force Awakens has been overshadowed in the press by all those Han Solo headlines and the long box-office tail of last winter’s Rogue One. (Rey can’t even worm her way into a Monopoly set, damn it!) Today, at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, Johnson restarted the hype machine for his major new installment in the Star Wars saga, showing off a brand-new, behind-the-scenes peek at the film, which picks up shortly after The Force Awakens left off. Check out the previews of Rey, Finn, and the rest … including new additions Benicio del Toro and Space Laura Dern!

Star Wars: Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video for The Last Jedi