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Stephen Colbert and Al Gore Share Climate-Change Pickup Lines So Terrible, You Will Have to Save the Planet to Move Past Them

While sharing their climate-change-themed pickup lines on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert and Al Gore (who is currently making the rounds to promote his An Inconvenient Truth sequel) immediately violate the number-one rule of dating in 2017: Do not bring up the fact that the Earth will likely face cataclysmic environmental change without the immediate, concerted efforts of the world’s governments to stop it. If having Al Gore coyly reference the potential demise of the planet doesn’t get your motor running, feel free to really use the discomfort felt by you and your Tinder date to throw yourself into helping the cause. If it does get you all worked up, well, wow, tonight’s your lucky night, isn’t it? You really made out like a bandit when it comes to this whole climate-change business.

Stephen Colbert, Al Gore Share Climate-Change Pickup Lines