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Please Enjoy Stephen Colbert and John Oliver Smack-Talking a Bunch of Wax Presidents

[Announcer voice.] Get ready to ruuuuumble! Seeing Stephen Colbert and John Oliver bitch about politics together is already a sight for sore eyes, but if we were to ignore a certain orange man at the moment and instead focus on pre-21st-century presidents, would the smack talk still be as good? You betcha. For some inexplicable reason, the hosts decided to invest in life-size wax figures of former, uh, mediocre presidents Warren G. Harding and Zachary Taylor, and the ensuing insult battle they hurl upon each other cuts deep to the White House core. “I didn’t realize your heart could get syphilis!” “That head looks like he shaved it off a Shih Tzu’s ass!” Now, kiss.

Stephen Colbert and John Oliver Smack-Talk Some Presidents