Stephen Colbert Chats with Some Russians About Trump, Putin, and US-Russia Relations

Here’s a clip from last night’s installment of Late Show’s “Russia Week,” where Colbert hits the streets of St. Peterburg during the White Nights Festival to talk with some everyday Russians about Trump, Putin, US-Russia relations, and their thoughts on all the allegations surrounding Russia’s interference in the US election. He also meets a Russian fan (well, a fan of “Jimmy Colbert” at least) and seems to have a pretty great time riding around riding around St. Petersburg on a hoverboard while eating corn on the cob at 3:00am.

Colbert also previewed his visit to the infamous Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton with a segment called “Ritz Cribz,” which you can check out below: “There’s amazing closet space in here. I mean, you could actually dress people in your clothes and stuff them in those closets.”

Stephen Colbert Chats with Some Russians About Trump, […]