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Of Course There Were Vodka Shots When Stephen Colbert Made His Russian Talk-Show Debut

As the specter of Russia looms over the American political scene, Stephen Colbert is launching a Russia week on The Late Show. First up: a trip to St. Petersburg, where Colbert investigated what Russian humor is like (mostly weird stop-sign jokes) and what happens on Russian late-night shows (mostly vodka drinking). Colbert took a turn as a guest on Ivan Urgant’s late-night show Evening Urgant, where, with the help of a translator, he gently sparred with Urgant, slapped him on command, and downed vodka shots chased with pickles. Colbert’s “Russia Week” will continue with more stories about Russian oligarchs and Putin dissidents, and will presumably end with a staged reading of all of War and Peace.

Colbert Takes Vodka Shots During His Russian Talk-Show Debut