Stephen Colbert Will Continue to Ride the Trump Bump All The Way to a Cartoon Trump Series for Showtime

Cartoon Donald. Photo: Showtime/CBS

Stephen Colbert has clearly realized that a good anti-Trump tirade does great things for ratings. But now, Colbert is taking his battle with 45 one step further as Showtime has commissioned him to make an animated, mockumentary-style series about Trump, his administration, and his family. Fans of The Late Show will recognize the concept from the oft-used Cartoon Donald character on the show (see one of the better examples below). Per Variety, Colbert will serve as an executive producer, and the show will have ten episodes debuting in the fall. We’ll have to wait and see if audiences will actually watch a show based on the cartoon, but here’s hoping the Colbert Bump still works.

Stephen Colbert to Make Cartoon Trump Series for Showtime