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That Stephanie Meyer Show, The Rook, Is Getting a Series Order at Starz

Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Remember when Stephanie Meyer started developing a show for Hulu called The Rook? News of it first surfaced two years ago, at which time Vulture described it as follows: “[T]he adventures of a female investigator working for a British agency charged with investigating supernatural goings-on, such as — and this is just us spitballing here — a nonstop barrage of hot, sexy vampires.” Well, The Rook never died. It was just resting its eyes, and now its getting another shot at Starz, which has given it a series order. The latest summary of the show, per Variety, paints a picture of Hannibal meets Blindspot meets Supernatural: “A young woman who wakes up in a London park suffering amnesia and surrounded by bodies, all wearing latex gloves. As she attempts to uncover her past and her role as head of Britain’s supernatural secret service, she discovers she has peculiar abilities, all while being pursued by paranormal adversaries.” All of which is to say, if Meyer doesn’t play to her strengths and work in that “nonstop barrage of hot, sexy vampires,” this thing will be a huge letdown.

That Stephanie Meyer Show, The Rook, Lands at Starz