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This Trailer for The Disaster Artist May Be the Best Bad Trailer in History

Back in March when The Disaster Artist debuted at SXSW, I lovingly declared it the most James Franco thing James Franco has ever done. Seriously, I don’t know that I have enjoyed anything more than this movie about the making of The Room, known in midnight cult-watching circles as the greatest bad movie of all time. Franco directed and stars as The Room’s eccentric writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau, and he stayed in character as Wiseau the entire time they were shooting.

And now the world has been blessed with this amazing teaser-trailer that pays respect to The Room’s second-greatest scene, “Oh hi, Mark” — when Tommy steps onto a roof, throws down a water bottle, and declares, “I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not! Oh hi, Mark.” (“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” would be the greatest scene, by the way.) The trailer is an encouraging sign that distributors A24 and New Line know the gem they have on their hands and are going to market it in a way that appeals to both The Room diehards and newbies alike. Also, if Franco doesn’t win a Golden Globe for playing Wiseau, we all might need to march out onto a rooftop and throw down some water bottles in anger ourselves.

James Franco Is Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist Trailer