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The Layover Trailer: Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario Really Test That ‘Chicks Before Dicks’ Proverb

Next time you get fired from your job and plan a Florida vacation with your best friend to blow off some corporate steam … maybe don’t? Because if The Layover is any indication, both of you will want to bang the same guy, you’ll never actually make it to Florida, and you’ll brutally sabotage each other until you finally get to hop into bed with that sexy man in a random St. Louis motel. And with Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario as the leading ladies, we can’t even be too sure who’ll turn out on top. Literally. The film — which is directed by the William H. Macy! — will be released on August 3.

The Layover Trailer: Upton and Daddario Fight for a Sexy Man