This ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Video Game Concept Needs to Become a Real Thing

Since there’s already a video game where you can experience what it’s like to perform at an open mic as a standup comic, it seems only fair that there should be a game for the improv crowd as well, and thanks to comedian and Above Average video editor Dominick Nero, there’s already an impressive proof of concept out there that deserves to get turned into a full-blown game. Nero posted the above 45-second video to Twitter yesterday for a Whose Line Is It Anyway? fighting game that combines the improvisers from the long-running show with SNES-era Mortal Kombat, and the result is absolute perfection. My only complaint is that it needs to be way longer – or, even better, a real video game. ASAP, please.

This ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Video Game Concept […]