You Can Now Watch Animals Around the World Having a Dance Party in the Trailer for Earth Live

Veteran producer Al Berman calls Earth Live “the most ambitious project I’ve ever been involved in,” and indeed it sounds like quite the undertaking: National Geographic’s Sunday night spectacular will air live for two hours, capturing life in the wild across 16 countries as it happens, trying to juggle footage in real time for the creation of a “veritable safari.” (Oh, and Jane Lynch co-hosts with The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan.) The trailers for the special make some promises that probably cannot be kept — animal dance parties where even the elephants get in on the action? — although, to be fair, a bunch of wild animals are making their live-TV debuts, and they might be feeling the pressure to put on a show. One thing’s for sure: If even one deer gets word that they’re competing in the same time-slot as Twin Peaks, expect the subjects of Earth Live to really up the ante.

Earth Live premieres Sunday, July 9 at 9 p.m.

Watch Animals Have a Dance Party in the Earth Live Trailer