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Trevor Noah Investigates America’s Ploy to Interfere in Russia’s Election: Fidget Spinners

When a hostile foreign power uses their advanced hacking technology to interfere in an American election, what is the United States to do but fight firewall with fidget spinners? According to an article in the New York Times, Russian media is reporting that the West, particularly America, is causing something of a national crises with the trinket’s rise in popularity. After fidget spinners were linked with a demonstration of the opposition anti-corruption party, pro–President Putin pundits claimed the spinners were an attempt to “zombify” young voters to make them more easily manipulated. We’d say the reports have no real bearing, but Trevor Noah did seem quite distracted during his Daily Show monologue. Maybe the craze has some spin left after all.

Trevor Noah on USA’s Ploy Against Russia: Fidget Spinners