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Trevor Noah Thinks the Donald Trump Jr. Email Story Is Funnier Than Curb Your Enthusiasm

While there’s no shortage of amazing comedies on television right now, you won’t find Trevor Noah’s top pick on any Vulture Best Of list just yet. Like most of America, The Daily Show host heard the news about Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to publicly release on Twitter possibly self-incriminating emails, and Noah loved the story as much as Donald Jr. loved the idea of Russian-government-backed dirt on Hillary Clinton. “I’m not even waiting for Curb Your Enthusiasm to come back now,” Noah said, laughing. “This is the best comedy show ever.” In addition to being funny, the story also involves a mystery that Noah says is even easier to solve than Blue’s Clues —though surely some people in the president’s camp wish Donald Jr. had sat down in his thinking chair and thought, thought, thought before this scandal became so big.

Trevor Noah’s Vote for Funniest Show on TV: Trump Jr. Story