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Vice Principals Season-2 Teaser Reveals What Happened in the First Season’s Huge Cliffhanger

“I’m alive.” Photo: HBO

The headline should’ve made it pretty clear that this post will spoil something, if you haven’t seen that something. Are you just that desperately looking for the premiere date of Vice Principals season two — a show you don’t watch — because you want to try to catch up before the season starts? Okay, that makes sense, but still seems pretty risky. Reading a post that you know will probably have a spoiler just to find the one lil nugget of information you do covet sounds borderline masochistic. Anyway, lucky you, hypothetical person, I’ll tell you the premiere date before the spoiling part: September 17, 2017. Okay, bye, weirdo.

Now that we got that out of the way: Remember the ending of the first season of Vice Principals? It was crazy and so visceral that I know at least some people (me) thought maybe Danny McBride’s character would straight-up not be in the second season. Well, the teaser for the second season seems to de-hang that cliffhanger. Here’s that:

Though it is a little ambiguous, since Danny McBride’s character uses the word killer. My guess is he’s just being dramatic, since the show is called Vice Principals and not Ghost Principals or Vice Ghostpals or Vice Princighosts. Did I say the second season premieres on September 17?

The Result of Vice Principals’ Season-1 Cliffhanger Revealed