stranger things season two

Enjoy More ’80s References and a Renewed Sense of Impending Dread in the First Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Well, Upside Down fans, it’s finally here. The first trailer for Stranger Things’ second season premiered Saturday at the show’s Comic-Con panel. It begins with a characteristic mix of eerie suspense and blatant nostalgia plays — that is: a spirited game of Dragon’s Lair taking place against a sense of impending dread — and only gets more delightfully obvious from there. (“Thriller” callback, anyone?) It also builds to what might just be the central question of the season: What does the monster want? “Not me,” Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) says, ominously: “Everyone else.” We’ll hopefully learn what that means, precisely, when Stranger Things returns on October 27.

You Can Now Watch the First Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer