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Will Smith Teams Up With an Orc in the New Trailer for the Sci-Fi Buddy-Cop Movie Bright

The new, official trailer for the Netflix movie Bright, a sci-fi action film directed by David Ayer, premiered at Comic-Con on Thursday. The movie has Will Smith playing a police officer in Los Angeles, but unlike his previous buddy-cop film Bad Boys, his partner on the force is not a human, but an orc (played by a prosthetic-covered Joel Edgerton). These two of LAPD’s finest not only fend off human and magical baddies alike, but also find a powerful and dangerous relic: a magic wand that’s basically a “nuclear weapon that grants wishes.” The film, which also stars Noomi Rapace, premieres on Netflix on December 22.

Will Smith Partners Up With an Orc in the Trailer for Bright