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The Wonder Woman Sequel Will Reportedly Pit Diana Against the Soviets During the Cold War

Photo: Warner Bros.

After raking in both critical acclaim and dollars at the box office, DC has clearly decided if the latest addition to the DCEU ain’t broke, why fix it? According to The Wrap, as first reported by ScreenRant, the Wonder Woman sequel will also be a period piece, skipping ahead a few decades to the 1980s, specifically to the Cold War. DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns is reportedly developing a screenplay with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins which will pit Gal Gadot’s Amazon warrior princess Diana against the Soviet Union. Getting Chris Pine to reprise his role as Steve Trevor seems like the final piece of the successful superhero movie puzzle. Luckily, if you’ll remember, the WW franchise contains a number of quasi-immortal superbeings who can seemingly bend space and time to their will, so they can probably swing at least a flashback for ol’ Steve. Maybe even a cameo.

Wonder Woman 2 Will Feature Diana Fighting the Cold War