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Warner Bros. Really Wants Wonder Woman to Become the First Comic Book Movie to Get a Best Picture Nomination

Wonder Woman. Photo: Warner Bros.

While Warner Bros. execs have been publicly mum on the issue, Variety reports that the studio is strongly considering a campaign to have Wonder Woman nominated for Best Picture and Patty Jenkins nominated for Best Director at the upcoming Oscars. That’s right, not only is the film getting a sequel in 2019, but it’s also gunning for the top prizes of the forthcoming awards season. This would make the blockbuster film, which grossed $781 million globally, the first comic-book movie ever to be nominated for the coveted Best Picture award. While Warner Bros. previously fell short of this goal in 2009 when The Dark Knight failed to clinch a nomination, perhaps the younger Academy voting body of 2017 will may make Wonder Woman the exception to the rule. However, Warner Bros. will reportedly also try to make the same nominations happen for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, potentially making the Academy Awards of 2018 an Oscars battle between World War I– and World War II–based films, both from the same studio.

Warner Bros. Aims to Get Wonder Woman Best Picture Oscar Nom